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Here at Carbex One Stop Auto Shop, we can help you with all your automotive needs including your transmission. The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most complicated components your car, truck or SUV has to offer. It help you transition smoothly between gears and when properly maintained it can last for an astounding amount of miles.

Transmission Fluid Flush Clovis, CA

A transmission fluid flush is a basic maintenance service that will keep your transmission from failing prematurely. Your transmission has several “weak” spots that can allow contaminants to enter into your transmission fluid turning it from a bright healthy pink to a burnt red color. Particulates such as metal shavings or even clumps of dust and dirt can cause damage to your transmission.

So if you are experiencing excess vibration when you shift gears or your vehicle tends to stutter when accelerating it may be skipping gears or getting stuck on one. Another common symptom is a grinding noise. With an automatic transmission this can happen when attempting to accelerate or when trying to put the car in park, reverse or neutral. Like any vehicle repair it is always better to catch an issue sooner before it has a chance to blow up into a bigger problem later down the road.

Your transmission can also spring leaks so if you notice fluid under your vehicle after it has been parked and the fluid is pink or red, it may be coming from your transmission.

Manual Transmission Clovis, CA

Much like your engine, your car, truck or SUV needs a transmission to operate, manual or automatic the principle is the same. The main difference is that if you have a manual transmission, you will use a clutch pedal in conjunction with manually shifting your gears based on the vehicle’s speed. Rear wheel drive and front wheel drive are the two most common configurations for manual transmissions.

Transmission Service Clovis, CA

So if you have questions about your transmission or it’s time to get a factory scheduled service regarding your transmission, give us a call at Carbex One Stop Auto Shop. Or if you are already on the road feel free to drive into our shop, you can also conveniently schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you!

We understand the challenges that face California drivers and are here to help you with all your automotive needs so when it’s time for auto repairs or maintenance think Carbex One Stop Auto Shop.