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Extreme weather conditions can often cause starting problems for Clovis drivers, being too cold or too hot can shorten the life of your battery. This is probably why most Clovis, CA drivers are more concerned with whether or not their car, truck or SUV will start and go. But the ability to stop safely and completely is just as important. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your brakes checked then it might be time to have them inspected by a professional.

Here at Carbex One Stop Auto Shop, we can often check your braking system while performing several other repair or maintenance services making sure you stay safe on the road. Your braking system is one of, if not the most important safety features your vehicle has to offer. They help you avoid accidents and road hazards and are needed with less than a moment’s notice. We’ll make sure that your braking system is functioning properly.

Brake Check Clovis, CA

Your brake pads are an integral part to your braking system whether you vehicle uses drum brakes or disc brakes, the brake pads prevent metal to metal contact which in turn reduces friction and cuts down on the heat that the friction produces. More often than not, heat can be your vehicles worse nightmare and if/when your brakes get hot it can warp various components causing your brakes to fail prematurely.

Brake Pads Clovis, CA

When do I need to get my brakes changed? There is usually a small metal filament in your brakes that serves as a warning sign. When your brakes get worn down to a certain level this filament will cause a squealing noise when you depress the brake pedal. It is now time to have your brakes checked by a professional.

If this squealing noise is ignored or unintentionally neglected then you will experience a grinding noise rather than a high pitched squeal which can mean that your brake pads are now completely worn through. You should bring your vehicle to Carbex One Stop Auto Shop before you find yourself without a set of working brakes.

So if you think you need a Brake Check come on by our garage, give us a call or schedule an appointment online for a time that’s convenient for you!